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MJ gives nod to amendments in Anti-Money Laundering Law

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Meshrano Jirga on Sunday approved amendments in the Anti-Money Laundering Law and another law pertinent to salaries of the high ranking officials.

Head of the Economic Commission of Meshrano Jirga, Anarkali Hunaryar, said that the amendments are aimed at recovering grabbed public properties.

She said that the amendments to the laws have been shared with the Wolesi Jirga already and the lawmakers have nodded to the changes.

Based on article four of the anti-Monday Laundering law, those involved in money laundering will be prosecuted.

The law will be implemented against all those involved in money laundering since 2004.

Head of the Legislative Committee of the Meshrano Jirga, Muhaiuddin Monsef, said that the amendment was in contrast with the article 27 of the constitution. He said that the law cannot deal with the previous cases of money laundering.

According to article 27 of constitution, no deed shall be considered a crime unless ruled by a law promulgated prior to commitment of the offense.

Anarkali said that properties of people grabbed by influential people must be returned.

Secretary of the MJ, Naniba Hussaini, said that the law should return the grabbed state and public properties. “Therefore, it cannot be against the constitution. The law will help to fight corruption,” she said.

According to the amendments, those who are busy in money laundering will be prosecuted. The lawmakers as high ranking officials should allow the government to deduct a certain amount from their salaries in provident fund. The legislators would get the fund after retirement or completing their term.

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