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MJAM donates foodstuff to help the local villagers to get through the pandemic

By Li Zhenghuan

The current Covid-19 situation in Afghanistan is quite severe, with the number of confirmed cases keeping rising up. In the nearly two months lockdown, the pandemic has hit the Afghan fragile economy hard,  leading to unemployment, food shortages and prices increase and other problems. The lives of villagers around Aynak project can hardly go by. On May 4th, with the coordination and support of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan, MCC-JCL Aynak Minerals Company Ltd. (Known as MJAM) donated foodstuff to 120 households from Chinarai, Wali Kalai, Adam Kalai, and Pachi villages around Aynak project in Logar Province. With each household receiving 50kg of flour, 25kg of rice, 5 liters of cooking oil, 5kg of sugar, the total value amounts nearly USD 10,000.
The donation ceremony was held at the Aynak project site. On behalf of MJAM, Afghan staff Zulmai attended the ceremony and emphasized that in the battle against Covid-19, MJAM will always stand together with the Afghan people, to overcome difficulties and fight the pandemic. At the same time, he also thanked MoMP and local elders who provided lots of support for this donation.

Amin, the representative of MoMP, said that during the pandemic, the supplies donated by MJAM are very helpful to local villagers. On behalf of MoMP, he sincerely thanked MJAM for the donation. The local elder representative Wali Kalai and the villager representative Mulla Miraja also expressed their gratitude and joys, adding that they will fully cooperate and support the company’s work and hope that the Aynak project will be launched as soon as possible.

MJAM hopes that these foodstuff will bring some help to the local villagers, and firmly believes that the Afghan people will eventually overcome the crisis. This donation conveys MJAM’s determination to help Afghanistan fight the pandemic, and shows the profound friendship of the two peoples. In the future, MJAM is willing to continue to support Afghan people as much as possible. Finally, MJAM also expects that the Aynak project can be started in the very near future, and makes contributions to the local and national economy.

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