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Mohaqeq reacts to Mullah Baradar’s persistence on stance in peace talks

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KABUL: Political leader Mohammad Mohaqeq has reacted to the remarks made by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban’s co-founder and the group’s political head where he emphasized on the militant’s demands in the peace negotiations with the government.

Baraadar had said that they would never retreat from their positions. But Mohaqeq called it as a “matter of concern”.

Mohaqeq said during the second meeting of the reconciliation council held Saturday in Kabul that the two negotiating teams have still conflicting viewpoints despite the peace process is expected to go on a direct track.

Mohaqeq said that Baradar’s statement indicate that Taliban’s peace team is still under pressure of those leaders and commanders who do not think of peace. He added that the pressure meant that Taliban want to win the war.
The leader of Islamic Unity Party said that Afghanistan team urges democratic values, therefore a peaceful solution needs more efforts. “Nobody will abandon for the other side, so the talks should go ahead based on principles, logic and reasons.”
He called on the Afghan peace delegation to use regional and international support to convince the Taliban side to stop emphasizing on their stance.
Mohaqeq said that the continuing clashes mean that Taliban do not want peace, adding that “if they want, then they need to agree on the cease fire which is at the top of Afghanistan’s agenda.”
He called on the Afghan politicians to get closer their positions and not to raise a weak voice for peace.

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