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Mohaqiq’s son shot dead by ‘deranged sibling’

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KABUL: The eldest son of Mohammad Mohaqiq, the Second Deputy Chief Executive, was shot dead Sunday by his younger brother who purportedly has a mental illness, according to police authorities.

Baqir Mohaqiq, who was viewed as a would-be politician, was killed by his ‘deranged’ younger brother Hussain Mohaqiq while he was asleep.

Mohaqiq’s son went on a shooting rampage at their residence, killing his sleeping brother and ‘injuring five of his bodyguards’. An aide to Second Deputy told a press conference cited the sibling’s mental illness to have caused the shooting spree. Mohaqiq later confirmed this. “My son Hussain had episodes of mental breakdown for years, but it had worsened recently,” Mohaqiq said in a statement.

The shooter sustained injuries after police intervened and engaged in a brief clash to subdue him. He is now in hospital for treatment.

Baqir Mohaqiq had run as a parliamentary candidate back in 2018 but couldn’t win. He was very close to his father and accompanied him to several foreign tours.

He was believed to have similar political thinking and ideology with his father, but acted differently in certain decision-makings.

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