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Mohib calls on Taliban not to miss “opportunity for peace”

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KABUL: A top Afghan official on Saturday called on the Taliban to come out of their hideouts and engage in meaningful talks in order to take full use of the current opportunity for peace.

The National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib called on the Taliban to not miss the “peace opportunity” and adopt concrete steps in the aspect.

“The Taliban has missed one year of opportunity for peace and rather turned to war instead of peace,” Mohib said in a press conference.

In the past one year, most of the world countries have concentrated over the Afghanistan peace process, but the Taliban did nothing in regards.

He called on the Taliban to enter sincerely to the peace process.

“If the Taliban really want peace, they must stop bringing excuses rather work on it,”

Hinting toward reduction of violence, he said that the word of “reduction of violence” is meaningless rather the Taliban must stop violence.

In regards to the upcoming Turkey meeting on the Afghan peace, Mr. Mohib said that Afghan delegation will participate in the meeting.

He asked the Taliban group to send an authorized delegation who have full decision-making authority and are able to take any step on the path toward peace.

According to Mohib, the Taliban delegation recently participated in the Moscow meeting and had no decision-making authority.

Touching upon US troop withdrawal, Mr. Mohib said he earlier had mentioned that hasty withdrawal of foreign forces without any peace deal, will trigger civil war in Afghanistan.

This is as U.S. President Joe Biden said it will be hard to meet the May 1 deadline for getting troops out of Afghanistan for “tactical reasons”.

In reaction to Biden, the Taliban said that violation of the Doha deal will prolong violence. The Taliban spokesman says violation of the Doha deal will bring new problems and that the responsibility will be on those who breach the agreement.

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