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Mohib says everyone knows we take our sovereignty extremely seriously

AT News Report-KABUL: The Youngest National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib, who addressed a Town Hall meeting on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference [2019] exhibited highest moral of patriotism by saying that Afghans from all walks of live are very serious about their country’s sovereignty.

“Everyone knows we take our sovereignty extremely seriously, Afghanistan is a nation which is not invented, it’s a nation which has built and some of our neighbors forget about our history. We are not a nation of surrender.”

He added that Afghanistan is not a country of 2002. “The neighbors should think and fix what went wrong in 02. Afghanistan has come a long way and we’re now a different country tangibly and intangibly, as we move to our prosperous future and able to connect the region.”

Regarding huge sacrifices of the Afghan security forces, he said that Afghan soldiers do not fight for $300 salary. “They are fighting for a purpose. They fight to defend our values with the support of our partners and millions of Afghans around the country and Taliban have lost the purpose and what they’re fighting for.”

“My soldiers make sacrifices and media call it causality, they’re not causality, those are sacrifices we make on behalf of our country for our freedom, sovereignty and values we stand for. We’ll continue that as long as a single Afghan and Afghanistan exist,” he furthered.

“I heard a radio conversation of ANA commander with his soldiers, after terrorists stormed the OP, they went out of Ammu and had enough time to abandon post but he never abandon and never surrendered, radio went silent after he got a bullet and martyred,” he furthered.

He also paid tribute to the thousands of US and NATO soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan alongside ANDSF. “Let me also share my sympathies with India for what they went through yesterday. Terrorism is an enemy that is hunting our entire region.”

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