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MoI to probe into surrender of policemen in Badakhshan

AT-KABUL: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Monday announced that will probe into surrendering of a number of police officers in Warduj district in north-eastern Badakhshan province.

The MoI spokesman, Sediq Seddiqi said the ministry has assigned a probe team to investigate the incident in Teergran base in Warduj.

More than 100 policemen surrendered at ‘Teergran’ base in Warduj late Sunday night. They were released after reportedly handing over their weapons. The surrender is said to be the largest by Afghan security forces since NATO ended its combat mission in December.

Badakhshan deputy governor, Gul Mohammad Bidar – quoted by Bokhdi News Agency – said family relations between the two sides was resulted in release of the police officers; however, he accepted that a deal might have taken place in this regard.

Badakhshan police chief, Gen. Baba Jan, hinted at possibility of a deal in surrender of the policemen and collapse of the base.

Baba Jan said in a statement that “the local and border police forces handed over Teergran base in Warduj district to the Taliban through a shameful deal, and that they falsely accused police of reluctance.”

Head of Badakhshan provincial council, Abdullah Naji Nazari, told newsmen that the policemen in the base surrendered to the Taliban after they were siege by the Taliban for four days, and their military equipment were ended.

He said he had warned security agencies ahead of the incident to be alert about the issue.

However, Badakhshan police chief says the forces had no problem in military equipment, weapons and food, and that they were provided facilities and equipments for several weeks. He said it should be probed that why the fully-equipped forces surrendered to the Taliban without resistance.

He named a number of individuals who have allegedly hand into the incident. The individuals include Abdullah Naji Nazari head of Badakhshan provincial council, Nazirullah Shah, head of a police unit in the province and Jalal, a commander of local police in the base.

He claimed that the provincial council chairman was spreading pro-Taliban propaganda against the national interests of Afghans.

According to Baba Jan, Naji has sent a brief report to the MoI about the incident ahead of its occurrence.

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