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Mojadedi condemns neighbors interferes

“Former Mujahideen leaders formed Jihadi and National Parities High Council (JNPHC) to support the government and national security forces”

Abdul Zuhoor-KABUL: Former Afghan President Sebghatulla Mojadedi on Thursday lashed at a neighboring country for interfering in Afghans internal affairs.

After a long period of hiatus, Mojadedi, spoke to media in a gathering of a different of different jihadi parties that have come together to form an alliance—Jihadi and National Parities High Council (JNPHC). He termed interferences of neighbors dangerous and called on the different Mujahideen groups to remain united to counter the interferences.

Sebghatullah Mojadedi didn’t specify the country that interferes however he said that the terrorists were coming from a neighboring country. “The terrorists come and kill our civilians in a larger number,” he lamented. “These terrorists don’t fall from the sky rather they come from the neighboring countries, therefore, a joint council of the former Mujahideen is need of the hour for tackling terrorism,” Mojadedi added.

The JNPHC is comprised of eight jihadi parties however its leader is not appointed yet.

Mojadedi called on the other jihadi and political parties to join hands together in order to have a unified stance against terrorism. “The objective of JNPHC is also to fight corruption and support the government in restoring security as much possible as they can,” he said.

He said that JNPHC stands by the side of Afghan national security forces.

Mojadedi termed corruption one of the biggest challenges the government is facing. He said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has some achievements though it has also committed some mistakes during the last 11 months.

Leader of Hezb-e-Wahdat-e-Islami and Ex Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili also voiced his support to the government and added that JNPHC as one of independent council, which will support the government. He said they will never let Daesh and Taliban to turn Afghanistan into the nest of terror once again.

Khalili called on the Taliban they if they call themselves to be true Afghans then they must support the peace process and protect this country from debacle.


Deputy of Jamiat-e-Islami of Afghanistan Ahmad Zia Masood while speaking on the occasion being a member of JNPHC said that these jihadi parties have joined hands to protect the country from falling into crises. He said they will try to support the country with national unity, democracy and they will not let the country to become divided through the lines of tribal and ethnic affiliations as they are undermining for national unity and cause collapse of the governments.

Sebghatullah Mojadedi, Muhammad Kareem Khalil, Peer Sayed Ahmad Gilani, Qutbuden Helal, Sayed Hussain Anwari , Abdul Hakeem Muneb, Ahmad Zia Masood, Qazi Muhammad Ameen, were the jihadi leaders who came together and formed the JNPHC to support the NUG government through a leadership council.

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