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Money Exchangers Accuse Central Bank Leadership of ‘Absolute Dictatorship’

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KABUL: A large number of money changers protest the Central Bank’s inattention to their problems, saying that the bank did nothing for them as an “absolute dictatorship” was ruling the bank’s leadership.

Dadgol Hazratzai, head of money changers’ union, said Sunday that Ajmal Ahmadi, “who illegally runs the Central Bank, is seeking ways to make troubles for businessmen”.

He said that the protesting money changers do not want further confrontation, but want to open a door of negotiations with the Central Bank.

“According to the laws in our country, a minister or other official can run office as caretaker for 40 days, while Ajmal Ahmadi is still acting as Central Bank’s governor. Do we lack other people to replace him? There is an absolute dictatorship in the bank,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khan Mohammad Baz, head of secretariat of Afghan Chambers for Trade and Industries, said that implementing of European laws was not possible in Afghanistan.

He accused officials in the Central Bank of oppressing money changers under the pretext of law enforcing.

“This matter should be clear to the noble people of Afghanistan that we are not escaping taxes, but the bank behaves us like cruel and wants to enforce the laws of Europe and America here. This is impossible,” said Baz.

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