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More Than 70 Journalists Killed in 2022 Across the World says UN


Kabul: The Secretary General of the United Nations has said in a tweet that this year more than 70 journalists have been killed worldwide because of their important role in society, and added that most of the cases of these crimes have not been investigated.

The UN Secretary-General has stated that the prevailing culture of impunity must be ended so that journalists can carry out their primary mission.

In the latest case, three days ago, Imran Khan’s car, the former prime minister of Pakistan, ran over a Pakistani journalist while covering the protests.

While last month another Pakistani journalist was killed in Kenya who had fled due to treats form Pakistan.

Meanwhile, in this occasion the United Nations Office in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said that since August 2021, it has recorded 200 cases of violence against journalists and violations of their human rights.

UNAMA called the violence against journalists unprecedented and added that these cases include arbitrary arrests, mistreatment, threats and intimidation.

Since August 2021, nearly half of the media in Afghanistan have been closed and the majority of journalists have lost their jobs or emigrated from the country.

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