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Moscow says war crimes in Afghanistan should be investigated

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KABUL: Russian foreign ministry has expressed concerns over concealing of UK forces’ war crimes in Afghanistan, saying that Moscow “strongly condemns the crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and urge the British and New Zealand authorities to complete the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Speaking to news conference, Moscow foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has been quoted in statement by the country’s foreign ministry as saying that Moscow has recently reach some evidences which shows that 52 cases of murder of local residents by the British military before 2017 has taken place but the investigation into those cases had been closed.

“In particular, there was an execution of four Afghan children by a British commando,” she said.

Zakharova has also accused the UK defense ministry of preventing the details of killing unarmed persons by the British military to media and pressed.

She said that similar crimes have been conducted by the representatives of other states as well. “There were reports of 17 injured Afghans, including the death of seven children in 2014 (these facts need to be verified), as a result of the New Zealand military’s negligence when they failed to properly clear the grounds they no longer used from mines, “ added the statement.

Zakharova has called on the general command of foreign military in Afghanistan to take comprehensive measures regarding prevention of such crimes.

“We are confident that it will be difficult to defeat international terrorism without restoring justice,” she added.

This comes the Moscow foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov has expressed worries about the foreign terrorist fighters in Afghanistan, saying that the militants have been moving from North Syria to Afghanistan. “They are ISIS fighters. The CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) has increased attention to the reinforcement of our allies’ borders with Afghanistan,” he added.

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