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Most-wanted criminal ‘Khorasani’ nabbed in Kabul

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KABUL: Kabul Police has arrested a most-wanted criminal Abdul Hamid Khorasani in Kabul on Tuesday morning, who has been accused of various organized crimes, and was also in hide for a period of time to save the skin.

Spokesman for Ministry of Interior, NasratRahimi said Khorasani—dangerous criminal, was arrested in 10th Kabul PD while enrootto participate in a protest gathering organized by a number of presidential runners.

Khorasani name has been in the list of wanted criminals of ministry of interior,who often had clashed with police before and was a fugitive from law.

According to Rahimi, he was behind different crimes, including killing, kidnapping, robbery and taking extortion from traders and shopkeepers.

Khorasani was directly involved in several organized crimes, and also carrying illegal armed personnel.

He was also accused of smuggling of drugs, and often showed disrespect to the high-ranking officials through voice and video clips, the spokesman said, accusing him of torching Afghanistan’s flag as well.

In the past, interior ministry, as part of its crackdown on criminals, sent security forces to arrest the suspect Khorasani, but it reached to stalemate. He showed resistance in that time with security forces and went underground for some period of time. But caught red-handed when came out from shelter.

Abdul Hamid Khorasani leading a movement called ‘Nahzat-e-IslamiMuqawomat’ was among the suspects. Khorasani is accused of murder, extortion, hostage-taking and drug smuggling—however, he rejected all allegations.

In that time, interior ministry published names of over 200 suspects accused of illegal activities, and Khorasani was among them.

A number of member of parliaments and ordinary Afghan masses welcomed the move and said criminals must face justice. 

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