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MP insists to continue work until replaced by new lawmakers

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KABUL: Deputy Speaker of the lower house Homayoun Homayoun says that the members of the parliament should continue their jobs until the announcement of final result of the parliamentarian elections.

However, the new parliament members are waiting to take their seats.

“Real struggling is not easy, we as the representatives of the people would continue our jobs until the new parliamentarians come,” Homayoun said. “We want the implementation of law, this is our right. We fight. The president should inaugurate the 16 tenure of the parliament on March 7th.”

According to the constitution, the parliament stops its work at the end of the fifth year.

Despite calling their three years illegal, the active parliamentarians insist on confirming the tenure after 45 days winter holidays.

The 16 round of the lower house is the longest term so far, taking eight years.

President Ghani would inaugurate the 17th tenure of the parliament late March.

Meanwhile, Shah Hossien Murtazaui spokesman for the presidency emphasized that the parliament would be inaugurated after announcing the final results.

“They (active parliamentarian) have not studied the law, after announcing the final parliamentarian elections, the parliament would be inaugurated with the presence of the new parliamentarians,” he said.

The parliamentarian elections were accused of corruptions and frauds by the candidates and observers.

President Ghani dismissed all the senior officials of the two electoral commissions and imposed travel ban on them who are waiting for trial.

The legislative polls were held on October 20th.

The election commission says that over 80 parliamentarians have received their credentials. 

The protestor lawmakers threatened that they would not allow their successors to take over parliament seats. 

They called on the attorney general office to investigate former electoral commissioners.

Jamshid Rasuli spokesman for the attorney general office said that the attorney general office has started investigation of the commissioners accused of fraud in the parliamentarian elections.

He said that the allegations are sensitive and would take time to be investigated but emphasized that would be integrality implemented.  

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