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MPs ask govt to execute criminals

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: In a bid to decrease the heavy crimes in the country, lawmakers in the Lower House of Parliament on Wednesday called on President Ashraf Ghani to implement his commitments for execution of the criminals.

MP Abdul Raman Rahmani, said that 631 criminals were sentenced to death penalty, but the president was waiting to give the viewpoints of the human rights commission.

“Taliban fighters and Abaseen’s murderers should be executed so that to be an example for other culprits,” he asserted.

He criticized that human rights commission was not authorized to prevent the government from hanging the criminals. “Afghanistan is an Islamic country and Sharia Law is implementable.”

Recently, Amnesty International asked President Ghani to reject execution penalty and punish the prisoners in different ways.

The body said that they are against execution of the criminals because the judiciary organs are involved in corruption.

Lawmakers and civil society have frequently urged president to implement the death penalty on the criminals.

Taliban in a statement warned the government to avoid execution of Taliban inmates sentenced to death by the judiciary organs, saying they would increase their bloody attacks in various part of the country if it does so.

Recently, the Supreme Court handed over a list of criminals to presidential office who were sentenced to death penalty. Still no derails have issued to the media regarding the number of criminals.

According to criminal law those criminals who committed heavy crimes and act against Afghan national security and interests would be hanging out.

Abaseen, a teenager boy who was abducted for ransom, was killed by the abductors after four months in captivity.

The National Directorate of Security arrested several culprits in the case. And still there is not exact information about an Australian woman who captivated around two weeks ago in Jalalabad Capital of Nangarhar province.

Speaker of the Lower House, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi asked the judiciary organs to punish those criminals who were involved in captivation and killing of Abassen.

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