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MPs clatter over electing new speaker

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: A number of lawmakers have engaged in physical fighting after verbal clashes in their first day of general session on Sunday over electing new speaker.

The newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) after controversial Wolesi Jirga election that marred with plenty of frauds, have fall apart for accepting Mir Rahman Rahmani as new Speaker who was declared winner after voting session on Saturday. 

According to report Rahmani had received 123 votes against the 55 votes which were cast in favor of Kamal NaserOsoli.Both the candidates were failed to receive the required 124 votes.

One day after the decision, brawl has been erupted between supporters of the two rivals, causingsecurity personnel of Wolesi Jirgato intervene and prevent further outbreak as violence among supporters of the two competitors reached at boiling point.

Though during dispute and fighting, the media outlets were not allowed to enter inside the Wolesi Jirga, but several video footages, likely recorded through cellphone by some independent lawmakers have been circulated in social media. These videosrevealedphysical clashes among the two rivals supporters inside theLower House.

The videocaptured an angry legislator running toward the seat of the speaker to assault an unspecified individual. However, the security forces and some other lawmaker stopped him.This man also holding something at hand, likely a stick, to attack opponent lawmaker.

On the other hand, a photo leaked in social media has showeda number of female lawmakers that have captured the seat of speaker, asking for an interim speaker to calm down the lawmakers.

Ramazan Bashar Dost has confirmed physical fighting between supporters of above-mentioned two rivals, saying clashes are over speaker chair, which according to him is a disrespect and catastrophe for parliament and the Afghan people. 

“Supporters of Rahmani and Osolicreated challenges and problem inside the Wolesi Jirga.”

He said that law and constitution is a good remedy to address the erupted issue, but unfortunately the lawmakers do not take law seriously.

Following controversial result of parliamentary election that announced with almost six months of delay, now legislators have been divided in two parts over accepting new speaker.

Many Afghans in social media casted doubt over loyalty of newly elected lawmakers for their country. A number of Afghans in social media, especially in twitter—where well-educated Afghans lamented over such scenario in the house of people. Today’s situation has drawn pessimism that they (lawmakers) won’t work for the people of Afghanistan. 

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