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MPs concerned over rifts in government

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Number of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Monday expressed deep concerns over the rifts between the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders and high ranking officials. They said that the victory on the Afghanistan’s war depended on the unity of the state leaders and officials.

Legislators said that state affairs is in a critical condition, thus it is required of government leaders and high ranking officials to put differences aside and explore ways to cope with insecurity and economic challenges across the country.

“Rifts between the president, the chief executive and vice president will put the system on fire,” said member of Wolesi Jirga, Obaidullah Barakzai.

He said that Afghanistan is not only possession of two or three persons (president, chief executive and vice president), and they have no the right to do whatever they want.

He called on the Wolesi Jirga to make decision and mediate to eliminate mounting rifts and tension among NUG leaders.

Expressing grievance over government neglect regarding insecurity in southern Uruzgan province, Barakzai said the government failed to rescue civil order police unit from siege of Taliban after 45 days and finally the unit surrendered to Taliban with all military equipment.

Insecurity increased day by day in Uruzgan since last three months, but the government did not hold any satisfied steps to address the issues in the province, he claimed.

Pointing to signing of Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghan government and United States of America, Mr. Barekzai said that next generation won’t bless us because of signing of this result-less pact.

Fighters loyal to Daesh dominating in one part, Taliban and al-Qaeda in another parts of Afghanistan and people are burning in flame of discord across the country, he said.

Law Maker Kamal Naser Osoli said that tension between NUG leaders made them forget war and critical situation of Afghanistan.

He said the NUG leaders must put aside differences and not let Afghanistan to change as worlds battle fields and Afghan mothers and sisters once again obliges to immigrate to Iran and Pakistan.

Criticizing rifts between the NUG leaders, another member of Wolesi Jirga Sayed Ali Kazemi said that tensions between the NUG leaders and high ranking officials are the matter of concern.

He said that the NUG was established by the US broker by seven involved figures, but why after two years, complaints and vices are still rising?

Rifts in the NUG negatively impact over security and economic situation, thus it is required of leaders to explore a way instead of raising voices against each other to overcome current crisis.

Wolesi Jirga members expressed concerns over the rifts in the NUG, while according to reports, recently, the first voice president General Dostom and president’s representative in reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Masoud had complained of the tensions and imbalances of authority in NUG. They even said that if the NUG leaders not address mentioned challenges, People will seek alternative.

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