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MPs criticize govt. over security deterioration

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KABUL: As insecurity has been intensifying all over the country, some members of the Parliament on their Saturday session have decided to summon the top security authorities and hold them accountable for the ongoing security tensions across Afghanistan.

After serious criticism by the lawmakers, speaker of the parliament, Mir Rahman Rahmani has said that the security officials would be summoned in one of the next sessions of this week.

A lawmaker, Habiba Danish has accused the police chief of the northern Takhar province of misusing his authority, saying that “the police chief has dealt with powerful elders and a couple of days ago; he cruelly killed a young man without court’s decision.”

He accused the acting minister of interior of ethnic favoritism and that he does not pay attention to the people’ complains as he is a “specific tribe”.

She asked the parliament to seriously investigate the issue through sending an impartial delegation to the area.

Expressing concerns about the security threats and criminal activities, a lawmaker, Ghulam Faroq has called favoritism in the governmental administration a reason behind the increase of such challenges in Afghanistan. “Officers from four provinces rule on the rest 30 other provinces and that issues posed insecurity in the country,” he added.

This comes as the security threats and criminal activities have been vastly increased in several parts of the country. Most of the highways and public areas witness daily violence because of poor security.

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