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MPs denounce security forces’ meddling in political affairs as ‘a coup’

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KABUL: Members of parliament and political analysts condemn interference of security forces in elections and other political affairs as a coup de tat, calling army and police to stay away from political events.

Lawmakers said Wednesday that security and defense forces’ responsibilities are to ensure security and defend the national sovereignty based on the constitution.

Separately, political experts said that engaging of security forces in favor of an electoral team would have unpleasant consequences and would be a coup de tat against republic system and democracy.

Political analysts also called on the soldiers to continue defending territorial integrity and police should be busy in providing security for people.

According to the constitution, security and defense forces are responsible for defending the country and providing security. The constitution bans security and defense forces from any political involvement.

Assadollah Khaled, caretaker defense minister said recently that army would not allow any post-election crisis and would defend stability, while keeping impartiality.

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