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MPs extol state’s anti-militia rhetoric, demand action

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Wolesi Jirga on Saturday extolled President Ghani’s anti-militiasrhetoric to disband and dismantle “irresponsible armed groups”, but urged the government to enforce the rule of law with more intensity.

Parliamentarian Obaidullah Barekzai said the government recently has adopted good measures against militia groups, saying that “Rule of law should be implemented fully and those who have hands in looting, harassing and killing people should not be exempted from law enforcement”.

Barekzai called on the government and military apparatus to take bold action against criminals with even slightest involvement in harassing and maiming of people – irrespective of their tribe and ethnicity or politicalorientation.

Nobody should be allowed to favour and defend illegal gunmen and criminals based on tribal and regional tendencies; nor haveanybody the right to burn governmental institutions and disturb people, he mentioned, saying that the Parliament standsby the government in such circumstances.

Government must listen to the public vice and operate against every powerful law breaker, if they areministers, lawmakers, senators or commanders.

Legislators Lalai Hamidzai said that as we are at the doorsill of presidential election hope recent president Ghani step against militia and some other figure is not an act of suppressing of rivals.

Another Lawmaker Aref Rahani allegedly blamed government in funning flame of disunity and factious, saying that if president what to step up efforts against unjustly and crime must hold such a stride to be supported by all nation.

Pointing to Faryab protests over arrest of police local commander Qaisari, he said that due the mentioned demonstration government obliged to introduce governor in a military situation.

He insisted that government must follow constitution and encounter with the criminals equally across the country.

If the government is eager for implementation of law in advance must implemented in Kabul and act against those illegal armed powerful figures, who has usurped thousands of acres lands and came out on the street with light and heavy weapons and harass people, he mentioned.

He called on president to hold steps to bring security and be accordance to constitution not wreak of revenge.

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