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MPs failed to break deadlock over electing “Speaker”

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KABUL: Members of parliament have faced a deadlock to resolve problem created over speaker election.

Two lawmakers (Mir Rahman Rahmani and Kamal Naser Osuli) failed to secure enough votes from their colleagues to become parliament speaker last week. Rahmani, the frontrunner gained 123 votes from 247 MPs present at the session that didn’t help him to defeat his rival Osuli, who achieved only 55 votes. The standard was 124 votes.
 Legislators on Saturday couldn’t solve the ‘one vote’ problem to break the deadlock and elect new speaker.
Osuli’s supporters wanted a secret voting over the invalid vote, while those MPs supporting Rahmani, said it should be publicly.
Around 20 lawmakers spoke over the problem, but there was no achievement, according to MP, Mirwais Yasini, who rejected any “lingual or ethnic” tensions and said it was a legal issue.
Meanwhil, Narendra Singh Khalsa, the only representative of Sikhs and Hindus in the parliament, expressed concern over the unsolved problem.
“The tension comes while police, army and civilians are killed every day. People hope the new parliament can find a solution for the current war. I hope all the lawmakers work together for their country and people,” said Khalsa.

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