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MPs outline insecurity as a major threat

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Expressing serious concerns over uncertain law and order situation in the country, members of the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) termed insecurity as major threat on Saturday.

They said that ambiguous security policy of the national unity government (NUG) leaders would bring the country to a dangerous stage.

Increasing terror attacks in provinces, direct attacks on Afghan security forces, snail-paced efforts of the authorities to release the 31 abducted passengers and failure of the government to introduce nominee for the defense ministry were the major issues that trouble the lawmakers.

They alleged the president and Chief Executive Officer of committing negligence in their duties and asked the speaker to share the problems with the NUG leaders.

Rangina Kargar said that security condition in Faryab province is worsening while the government has turned a blind eye to the situation.

She said that fight between police and the Taliban is continued for the last two weeks in two districts of the province. Ms Kargar said the two districts are going to fall to the Taliban if more troops were not deployed. Afghan police are running out of weapons and could join the insurgent group if arms and ammunitions were not supplied in time, she warned.

Naqibullah Fayeq, another MP, said the militants are carrying out attacks in Faryab province on routine basis while the Islamic State or Daesh and the Taliban have lashed out several Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan Local Police (ALP) posts in different parts.

He said the residents were not afraid of Daesh but of the government’s failure to chalk out a comprehensive and clear security policy. The legislator said that biggest fear of the people is that Faryab could fall to the Taliban if the leaders continued to act like spectators.

He said the police force lack weapons and fuel. Fayeq asked the speaker to share the issue with the government and urged the NUG leaders to introduce pick for the defense ministry as soon as possible.

Nelofar Ebrahemi also expressed her concern over insecurity across the country and said that five policemen were beheaded in Badakhshan and 10 others in Uruzgan, but the government failed to pay heed.

She said the government ignored their request about deployment of special military unit to quell insurgency in Badakhshan. “If the parliament cannot do anything then it is better to shut doors of the Wolesi Jirga.”

Abdul Latef Pedram also criticized the government and said the parliament should hold a national Jirga to discuss the issue.

Slamming the two leaders, he said the country is at critical stage but both President and the chief executive are busy in power sharing. “Therefore, the speaker shall convene a special session to hold a grand Jirga and discuss the issue,” he proposed.

Speaker of the WJ, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, criticized the government for failure to free the kidnapped passengers and complete the cabinet, and said that daily tens of civilians and security personnel are killed while the country does not have the minister of defense.

“The government has done nothing to secure release of the passengers despite repeated calls,” he said.

The speaker said that a special session should be called to discuss insecurity and silence of the government over the issue.

Recently, scores of people were killed and injured in various terror attacks in many areas including Nangarhar, Balkh, Parwan, Khost, Logar, and Ghazni, Helmand and Kabul province.

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