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MPs react against US airstrike in Achin

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament on Monday react against US-forces airstrike in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province.

Gen. John Nicholson Commander for NATO and RS recently said that US forces Afghanistan conducted an airstrike against ISIS-Khorasan complex in Achin district Nangarhar province on Thursday and targeted Daesh hideout by GBU43 the biggest un-nuclear bomb said

According to report at least 94 Daesh fighters including four commanders were killed in airstrike in Achin district on Thursday evening.

At the same time this attack had different positive and negative reaction inside the country and in abroad.

“Taliban and Deash are plots for destroying our country,” said member of the Wolesi Jirga Abdul Sattar Khawasi.

He said that based on witness till date it is not clear, who were killed during the biggest bombing attack in Achin district.

He stated that USA and Russia competing in Afghanistan, but Afghan people are the victims.

The USA intentionally plans to involve Russia in Afghanistan and change it to an insecurity country like Syria.

There is no sovereignty in Afghanistan to prevent using of such bombs, which will have negative outcomes in future, he added.

On the day of airstrike in Achin, a meeting has been set in Moscow over peace process in Afghanistan, where USA must send a delegation, but USA used the biggest bomb in Afghanistan, he noted.

He urged all parliamentarians not to be used as tools and Afghanistan should not be as laboratories for weapon testing.

Maulavi Tarakhil another Lawmaker, while criticizing US airstrike in Achin district, said that based on information no Daesh has been killed in the attack.

He said that this is a kind of seduce and plot and oppression is in progress over Afghanistan.

Maulavi Shahzada Shahid legislator said that dropping biggest bomb is not a simple issue.

He said that a delegation must assess the outcome of the airstrike to find out, weather it was useful or not, it was for the distrust of government and by using of this bomb ant-government insurgents will decrease or not.

Afghanistan history has revealed that using of power won’t bring peace, he added.

He said that those who killed Afghans and conducting suicide attack must be targeted, but through perfect operations.

Meanwhile first Deputy for the Wolesi Jirga said that Parliament made decision to send a mix delegation from Defense, Internal Security, environment committees and government to assess the attack its effect and side effects in the area.

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