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MPs seek to legalize pro-government militias

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KABUL: Some members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of the parliament have warmly welcomed the uprising of people who stood beside the Afghan security forces in defending their country, but had expressed deep concern of its negative consequences if not managed well.

The legislators asked for legalization of the public uprising forces in order to avoid negative consequences in the future.

As deadly clashes ramped up, Afghanistan entered its controversial stage with tens of thousands of people taking up arms to help government forces to deter Taliban from gaining more territory.

Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, Mir Rahman Rahmani said that public uprisers took up arms to defend and protect the system and national values, but they need to be managed well to avoid the negative consequences.

Lawmakers asked the security and defense commissions of the Wolesi Jirga to work on a draft for managing the public uprisers.

A lawmaker, Mohammad Rahim Aliyar said “each Afghans has the responsibility to defend their homes and country, so public uprising must be managed well.”

Another legislator, Hamidudin Yoldash, while welcoming people’s mobilization against the Taliban, said that this movement must be managed properly.

Expressing concern over the fall of districts to the Taliban in Northern provinces, he said that there is enough military equipment, questioning why the Afghan security forces morale has become weak in the fight against the Taliban.

Another lawmaker, Mirwais Khadem said that war is not the solution – everyday Afghan youths are embracing martyrdom across the country.

He called on the Taliban to come to the negotiation table to solve the differences.

As the Taliban militants have increased clashes and have captured several districts in different provinces, particularly in the north areas of Afghanistan, thousands of civilians spontaneously have taken up arms to support the government forces against the Taliban fighters.

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