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MPs split over Noor’s resignation: Some members of Wolesi Jirga slammed Noor’s resignation, while others welcomed

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Members of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) of Parliament in Wednesday’s session were divided where a number of lawmakers expressed their love in favor of Atta Mohammad Noor, slamming President Ashraf Ghani for ousting him as Balkh governor, while others backed and commended President Ghani decision over Noor’s resignation.

President Ghani this week accepted Noor’s resignation, and appointed Mohammad Dawood as his successor. However, Noor rejected his dismissal, saying “my resignation was based on conditions that have not met by the President Ghani, so the resignation is not valid.”

“We support President Ghani’s decision over dismissal of Noor as Balkh governor, thanking him for saving people from his cruelties,” said Qudratullah Zaki, a member of the Wolsi Jirga.

We should understand that the removal of governor from any province is not taking place based on discrimination, he added.

“When governors from 33 provinces remove, there is no matter—why removal of Balkh governor should be linked with tribal issues,” he raised question.

He added ‘if Noor is a real representative of Afghan masses, he must not be stuck to governor post, rather come up to Kabul and mobilize his followers and step to a big political competition.”

Another legislator, Aryan Yoon said “the government has to react like it is doing against Daesh and Taliban insurgents to those officials who are working inside the government but stands against government.”

She said Noor submitted his resignation and president Ghani accepted it.

Another lawmaker, Qazi Nazir Ahamad Hanafi said “it is the right of President Ghani to hire or fire. However, he said ‘noticing Noor’s effectiveness in different areas, he is a man of need to our country.

He called on President Ghani to revive his decision, and pay attention to several other issues.

Another lawmaker, Abdul Rauf Enami, said “National Unity Government (NUG) is completely a coalition government, in which Noor is a part of it.”

He added that Balkh progressed well under wise leadership of Noor in different aspects, so why he should be removed from Balkh.

“If president Ghani insists over national unity, then why creates rifts here every day,” he asked

Another lawmaker, Zakaria Zakaria suggested that governors should be hire and fire through provincial votes in a bid to avoid tribal and political sensitivities.

Furthermore, Jamiat-i-Islami political leadership in a statement asked President Ghani to reverse his decision on ousting Atta Mohammad Noor.

According to statement, the party had offered reasonable and realistic conditions to the presidency over Noor, but it took animosity approach instead of dealing with the issue through negotiation and reasonable solution.

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