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“MPs taking bribe”

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KABUL: The Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, a non-government watchdog claims in a report that demanding bribe has vastly expanded in the parliament, with the parliamentarians openly demanding and taking bribe from people. It said Sunday that most of the lawmakers are also busy in lobbying.

Maiwand Rouhani, head of the committee’s secretariat, said it had prepared a report on evaluation of corruption exposures inside the parliament and would soon share with the media.
 He said most of parliament’s administrative and performances were corrupted.
The report has covered lawmakers in 2018 and 2019, in which members of parliament, civil society activists, media activists and university lecturers were interviewed, besides revealing evidences and documents from the parliament and a number of ministries.

Rouhani added that members of parliament attend the government bidding contracts despite knowing it is illegal, and they misuse their powers to win the contracts.
He said that parliamentarians are mostly against the government and do not accept transparency in legislation.

The report said there was no proper procedure to resolve disputes between government and parliament and the lawmakers’ supervision of government job was ineffective.
 It said that employments in parliament take place based on family relationships, while the parliament lacks professional and experienced and a good mechanism.

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