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Editorial: Mumbai like Attack

The recent heinous act of terrorism on Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul that resulted in killing and injuring of Afghans and foreign guests has conducted by Pakistan-based terrorist groups that have long been harbored for bleeding Afghans and the US-led International coalition in the country. After the preliminary investigation, Pakistan-made explosive materials have been seized in a vehicle that brought three terrorists to the luxury hotel. President Ashraf Ghani has already ordered a comprehensive and critical probe into the heart wrenching incident. Report has yet to be made public. The former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Hussain Haqqani, the most influential and game-changing intellectual of modern times  revealed similarities among the terror attacks on Kabul’s hotel, Mumbai attack in 2008 and Peshawar Army Public School in 2014. “The #Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack has many similarities to the 2008 #Mumbai attack and 2014 Peshawar #APS attack. Similar MO. Different groups, Same training?” Hussain Haqqani Twitted. Hussain Haqqani’s critical and realist approach on the incident is commendable, needs to be investigated by the UNSC and hold the culprits accountable. This cowardly act of terrorism—designed and planned by Pakistan and its war proxies has been carried out at a time when the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) delegation made a lightening visit to Kabul, and Alice Well’s official visit to South Asia. The 15-member council’s visit to Kabul is reiterating the SC support to the government and people of Afghanistan and their efforts to restore peace, stability and progress to the war-hit country. In meetings with the council members, President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, the National Security Council Adviser Haneef Atmar and others among the country’s civil and military leadership, including members of parliament, civil society, women’s group and politicians asked the Security Council to be tougher on Pakistan and force it to turn around and abandon its project of terrorism. Following the deadliest terror wave across the country, the recent bloody attack on Intercontinental Hotel is an immense indicator that Pakistan has been pursuing its pro-terror and suicidal policies and has actively continued its terrorist and destructive activities in Afghanistan in order to sustain instability in our country and undermining US and NATO-led war on war and their interests in the region. The US/NATO and regional community have yet to hold Pakistan accountable for its continued duplicity and wrongdoings. The Unity Government leadership with support from US/NATO and our regional partners must come to the fore and change the situations into opportunity. Pakistan and Pakistan-based terrorist groups must be triggered into the court of regional and international community. The terror attack on Continental Hotel, in the light of Hussain Haqqani’s views and other evidences, unmasking Pakistan’s involvement must be debated in a joint session of Wolesi Jirga and Meshrano Jirga and the United Nations Security Council as well. The mastermind of Mumbai terrorist attack, Hafiz Saeed—the most influential leader in Pakistan whose notorious organization thoroughly enjoys military establishment’s support for its terrorist activities inside the country and abroad had designated by the UN as a global terrorist. In reaction to terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan should be declared as a terror sponsor state; if the international community is committed to eliminate terrorism from the surface of the planate and deciding matters on merit. The US tougher approach against Pakistan and terrorist groups must be translated into actions. The US drone strikes and other measures should increase in FATA and extend it to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad to hit terrorists in their safe and luxury havens. The United Nations must secure the unsecure nuclear weapons of Pakistan to prevent possible tragic human disaster in the region. The Unity Government should organize a Kabul-based international conference of experts and intellectuals, including Hussain Haqqani and Bharatiya Janata Party’s leader, Subramanian Swamy Ji to take advantage of their valuable thoughts to be fruitful in devicing a counter-narrative against Pakistan sponsored terrorism and its notorious Afghan course.

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