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Murderers of a female activist Farishta Kohistani detained

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KABUL: Two suspects have been detained in connection with the murder of women activist Farishta Kohistani and her brother, security officials said.

A Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Tariq Arian said the Afghan security forces arrested the culprits in Kapisa province and are under inquiry.

A spoken women activist, Farishta Kohistani was killed along with her brother after unknown gunmen opened fire on them in northern Kapisa province. The incident occurred on Thursday.

The relative of slain Kohistnai asked the government to arrest and bring the murder of Farishta to the justice. Her son called on President Ashraf Ghani to execute the murder of his mother.

Targeted killings have been on high surge with aim to weaken the current peace efforts. US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad has been infuriated over recent target killings in Afghanistan, saying such attacks must stop as it will threaten the peace process.   

“Yousef Rasheed’s assassination is reprehensible. We condemn it. We also condemn the recent murder of several doctors working in Puli Charkhi and women’s rights activist Farishta Kohistani. Those behind these terrorist attacks must be held accountable,” Khalilzad said recently.

 “People like Yousef and Farishta are essential for any society. They are its conscience and keep its heart beating. They should not be fearful, intimidated, or worse, killed.”

“Living with so much violence is no way to live. It breeds a climate of fear. Fear will drive more Afghans to leave their homeland. Who will then be left to advocate for rights and freedoms? This is not the way a society will thrive and prosper,” Mr. Khalilzad believes.

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