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Musa Qala district falls to Taliban

AT-KABUL: After heavy clashes, Musa Qala district of Helmand province has fallen last night under the Taliban control.

Chief of the Helmand Provincial Council, Karim Atal, said the Taliban insurgents and Afghan security forces battled for several hours late night. In the clashes 20 people were killed and over 40 others were injured.

The militant group has succeeded in taking control of the district including police headquarter and hospital, he said, adding that the wounded people in the district could not access healthcare services.

He said that if the central government did not support army and police, the district would completely fall to Taliban. Tens of families have been displaced and need humanitarian assistance on emergency basis.

Musa Qala enjoys strategic position in the province, if the Taliban completely control the district then they would have no problem in dominating the whole province, he said.

The provincial council chief said that for the last five days heavy clashes were underway between the Afghan security forces and insurgents. Musa Qala is the second district after Nawzad, controlled by the Taliban in Helmand.

A few days ago, the chief of Musa Qala district warned that the Taliban insurgents are closing in on the center of this district.

Mohammad Sharif Khan said on Saturday that the militants were two kilometers away from the center of Musa Qala district where they are engaged in heavy clashes with security forces.

He urged government to immediately send reinforcement or else Taliban might reach to the center of this district.

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