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Muslimyar to Rahmani: ‘Be polite!’

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KABUL: Senate Speaker, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar in an angry warning tells his colleague, Mir Rahman Rahmani, parliament speaker to be polite. “All the people of Afghanistan know that you occupied speaker post through a corruption in the inter-parliamentary election! Please think of your weight and then express your viewpoint!” Muslimyar has said on Sunday.

Muslimyar reiterated his previous words on Sunday over the validation of the non-biometric votes, saying that the non-biometric votes should be counted valid.

He had earlier threatened the head of independent election commission that he would force her to count non-biometric polls as valid.

“The boxes have been probably filled with counterfeited ballots which is a national treason, but in those areas where the people stood in queues and their names were not in the lists and they cast their votes without biometric, should be respected and I am standing at my previous stance,” Muslimyar said on Sunday.

Muslimyar said that he was not pro-fraud, and the credible votes should be separated from incredible ones.

Rahmani had reacted to Muslimyar’s threatening statement, calling it as tensioning that should be avoided. Meanwhile, Lotfollah Baba, a member of senate backed his boss, accusing Rahmani of paying 36 million dollars bribe to the lawmakers in the bathrooms of the parliament to vote for him for the speaker. He said that Rahmani’s post was illegitimate and he should be unseated.

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