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‘Mutual understating helpful in de-escalating tension’

Our Correspondent-PESHAWAR: Known tribal elder Malik Darya Khan Zakhakhel has shown concern over closure of Pak-Afghan Torkham crossing point, which he said resulting in worst kind of economic hardships to tribesmen, residing along with border.

“Both Pakistan and Afghanistan must realize interests of tribesmen living on both sides of border and resolve all rifts and differences through mutual understanding,” Malik Darya Khan Zakhakhel remarked during a press conference in Landi Kotal Khyber Agency. He said that both the countries are not only each other’s neighbours but its thousands of people are linked in unbreakable relations with each other’s.

Malik Darya Khan said that terrorism is identical issue before the two countries and this issue could easily be tackled through joint strategies. In this respect, he urged both Islamabad and Kabul to restore contacts with each other’s in larger interests of people. He was of the firm belief that growing tensions between the two countries is beneficial only to enemies, terrorists and criminals.

In response to a question, the tribal elder said that sealing and closing of Pak Afghan border made uncertain the tribesmen. It is ironic that despite encounters and cross firing is continue on eastern border with India but it is open for every sort of travelling, transportation and economic activities. There is no any cross firing and encounter on western border but it is closed even for helpless and peaceful people, he remarked and added that it generating sense of deprivation amongst tribesmen in particular and rest of Pakhtoons in general.

Malik Darya Khan reminded that Pakistan and its people served the Afghans for around four decades and they deserve honourable repatriation to their motherland. He said that almost Afghans love Pakistan and its people but now they made disheartened by indifferent attitude of host authorities. He urged the government to review policies towards Afghans.

The tribal elder has supported the peaceful protest of transporters, drivers and shopkeepers, saying that all of them are local and closure of Pak Afghan crossing resulted in economic problems to them. Since a long, almost tribesmen are depending in bilateral trade, business and economic activities between the two countries, therefore, Pak Afghan crossing should be opened for every sort of activities with immediate effect, he emphasized.


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