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Nabil calls on citizens to stand against “Fraudulent Votes”

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KABUL: Addressing at a press conference in Kabul, Presidential hopeful Rahmatullah Nabil has called on the Afghan masses to stand against “Fraudulent Votes”, emphasizing that the corrupted votes, which are under recounting by the Independent Election Commission (IEC), need to be separated and cleaned.

Referring to a specific team, Nabil said the team has committed high fraud and corruption in the election process.

“Some circles in government claiming to support democracy but they are making deals to remain in power,” he added.  

He accused a certain electoral team of spending over 180 million dollars from the national budget in its election campaign.

Nabil said if the people do not stand against fraudulence and corruption, the efforts would be continued by some figures to deal the fate of the country.   

Nabil has questioned the missing of biometric devices and hacking of server system.

He said the experience of last election should not be repeated and that such acts to gaining power through fraud would lead the country to great crisis.

The Afghan presidential polls were held on September 28th. The preliminary results of the election are scheduled to be announced on November 14th.

The IEC said that it has already started the recounting process of votes, an implementation which has been opposed by three major candidates including chief executive Abdullah Abdullah.

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