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NAI says Afghan media threatened by government, Taliban

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KABUL: NAI, a media supporting watchdog expresses concerns over threats made by “the government and Taliban” against the Afghan media outlets.

The watchdog said in a statement on Wednesday that it was shocked over the Taliban’s threat to the Afghan media.

The Taliban Spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid on Twitter accused some of the media outlets of working for the Afghan government as tools, warning of “dangerous outcomes”.

Meanwhile, head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Ahmad Zia Seraj told the parliament that some of the journalists and analysts were working for the Taliban’s interests. He said that the government has no way but to take actions against them.

NAI said that such warnings indicated that the freedom of expression and media is being limited. According to NAI, the parties involved in the Afghan war, cited the remarks without considering national and international laws. It said that such warnings could pose fear and worries in the media family.

“The Taliban should understand that the Afghan media organizations are independent and act in accordance to the law,” the statement said. “No force can use the media as intelligence instrument.”

NAI also called on head of the NDS that restricting media activities is not in the interest of the Afghan peace process and as well as the government. “If Mr. Seraj has proofs against any media organizations or journalists, he should solve it via lawful ways and act in accordance to the law,” the statement added.  

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