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Narrative of Life and Death

By Basir Qazizada

KABUL: The Afghan people are continuing to bear the brunt of ongoing deadly war in Afghanistan. The non-stop shackling violence is taking a huge toll on the Afghans, who are yearning for peace in the last four decades. The civilians are paying the price of the war. Recently, 11 members of a single family were killed and some five others received injuries in a strike conducted by the Afghan Air Forces. Taliban rebels also kill the ordinary Afghans in different act of violence. Taliban and other militant groups are more responsible for the civilian killings than the Afghan security forces.

The First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh has said the “enemy has a death narrative, but ours is life.” He said this during his regular 06:30 mooning session, and as usual took facebook to share the details and decision. 

However, many people disparage his morning’s session, terming it unproductive. It is just a story telling staff and session, the opponent says. 

“Yes this is a fairy-tale, we believe in our own narrative and do not dance to the enemies tune and not repeat their narratives,” Saleh said. What does our life look like if our enemy specifies an agenda for us, Saleh asked? He stressed to diminish the enemy’s strategic propaganda.

A strong government is the need of the hour to protect the honor, life and property of the people. Saleh called on the people to remain cooperative with the government in order to deal with difficulties.

After a new wave of violence and target killings in Kabul, the capital city, President Ashraf Ghani tasked Saleh to take security charge of the city. Noting his background as former spy chief and interior minister, Saleh has been considered the right man for the job. But, it doesn’t mean all is well. Three people, the Deputy Governor of Kabul, his secretary and a police officer were killed in a bomb and shooting attack in Kabul on Tuesday.  

Mahbubullah Muhibbi was killed along with his secretary, when a sticky bomb attached to his armored vehicle went off in the 4th Macroryan area in PD 9th of the city. Two of his bodyguards were also wounded in the blast, a spokesman for the ministry of interior, Tariq Arian said.

In another attack, gunmen shot and killed a police officer and wounded another policeman in Botkhak area in Bagrami district of Kabul city. An investigation was ongoing, the police said.

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