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“Nation must have a space in peace process”

KABUL: In the midst of the strenuous peace talks, Afghanistan Peace House (APH) has called on the government to entitle women and social activists to have a space and take active part in the peace process.

The council on Saturday said the government should categorically refrain from brokering clandestine deals and instead allow people observepeace negotiations with the political parties as medium.

“The Afghan government should be the main decision-maker in peace parleys, in which a participation of social activists, political parties, religious scholars and women is guaranteed,” said an APH member, Negina Yari.

She insisted that people’s demands and viewpoints must be included in the process and that peace negotiations should not be misused and rather be inclined towards ending the grilling 17-year-old war. “The process should not steer women towards seclusion and restrict their freedom of speech, education and progress,” Yari said emphatically.

‘Peace and intra-Afghan negotiations’ have received a more considerable degree of attention in the past months than any other time, with the U.S. Ambassador for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad lobbying with regional stakeholders to facilitate a direct Kabul-Taliban dialogue.

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