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National consensus, base of Afghanistan’s present, future: Karzai

AT-KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai has emphasized on national consensus, saying that it is the base of Afghanistan’s present and future.

“We are physically and heartedly with the national consensus. People in different parts of the country are ready for sacrifice and they will stand beside the organizers of the national consensus because nobody can reject it,” Karzai told a gathering entitled ‘national consensus’ on Monday.

He said that there is a historic relationship among different ethnicities and religions in Afghanistan, calling it as a “strong thread” that would never be cut off.

He asked the organizers of the gathering to broaden their program and travel to different areas to talks to people.

The gathering was initiated by Wali Massoud, head of the Massoud Foundation in which prominent politicians participated, who emphasized on an ‘alternative option’ in case the government would not hold election.

Massoud said the session was held in the wake of increasing insecurity and illegality which “have sparked public concerns”.

He said that representatives from different ethnicities were invited to the session, adding that everyone could see himself in the “national consensus session”.

He claimed that the current government was run through decrees, accusing government leaders of trampling the constitution and political agreements that made the unity government.

He said that the current situation was intolerable for people, claiming that Afghanistan was heading toward a “deep crisis”.

“To prevent the deepening of political crisis, we the political bodies have to reach an agreement in the framework of the national consensus. We should provide an alternative option in the best time.”

He asked the international community to help Afghans in holding election or providing an alternative option.

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