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National consensus key to restoring peace: Senate

AT-KABUL: Members of senate believe that efforts should be made for a national consensus besides the regional and international works for a sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

The comments come after both Taliban and the US officials confirmed a meeting in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar on Friday.

In their Sunday’s session, senators criticized the election process, saying political parties are concerned over election transparency that if it was not guaranteed, election would face impasse and crisis.

The members of senate emphasized on the national consensus after the US representative for reconciliation in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad met with the Taliban officials during his recent tours in some regional countries.

Members of senate argued that peace talks would be left useless if there was no national and regional consensus.

Meanwhile, they welcomed Khalilzad’s initiatives, saying such efforts should continue.

Some members of senate said Sunday that political parties were worried of an electoral crisis if transparency was not guaranteed.

Khalilzad met President Ashraf Ghani and other senior government officials, informing them about his meetings with Taliban and leaders of some regional countries to encourage them work with the government of Afghanistan to find a way leading to a durable peace.

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