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National consensus vital to shun Pak’s interference: Rana Think Tank

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Political experts in a monthly meeting of Rana Think Tankhave termed national consensus against Pakistan as the only way to shun the country’s interference in Afghanistan. They also termed a powerful system within the government as a key element to triumph over security challenges.

According to experts, it has been for longtime that Pakistan is engaged in duplicity game with Afghanistan. “Not only interfering into internal affairs but also Islamabad leaving no stone unturned to fuel war in the country,” the experts believe.

According to them, “Pakistan wants Afghanistan to be truly dependent on them, and to do so, Islamabad supporting and harboring terrorism, and closing down transit routes. It carries such tactics to pressurize Afghanistan to obey Pakistan in its foreign policy and in other issues.”

They further went on saying that despite challenges, the government of Afghanistan stood firm against Pakistan and observed its independence in decision making in every areas. “Afghanistan always protected its sovereignty.”

“Though Afghanistan often exerts honest efforts to respect Pakistan as a neighbor and also maintained good relation, but Pakistan has been stabbed at back via meddling and also supporting terrorism.”

Pakistan always tried level best to us Afghanistan in its proxy war, the experts said, adding that Islamabad have been striving hard to use Afghanistan’s soil against other country.

“Pakistan would not stop here, as the country is even at eye to utilize Afghanistan’s minerals and other natural resource for its interest,” the political pundits added.

They furthered, Pakistan also speedup efforts to create a region coalition comprise of China, Iran and Russia in order to have supporters at the future when Afghanistan become a powerful state.

Moreover, they added that Pakistan is using every tool to create chaos that besides supporting terrorism, it also giving money to some media outlets to ignite flam of discord among different Afghan tribes.

The political experts suggested of having a national mobilization against Pakistan in order to cope with the current challenges. “A powerful system within government is also the need of the hour to quell Pakistan’s threat.”

“The government must focus in reforms and come up to the fore with a powerful system within the institutions to cope with insecurity and stop Pakistan’s interference into internal affairs,” Deputy of Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan, Ahmadullah Naweed said.

According to him Pakistan used terrorists issue and economic anxiety as a great weapon against Afghanistan in a bid to maintain Islamabad’s interest in its foreign policy. “But despite this all, Pakistan failed to reach its evil goals.”

He added that the government should mobilize all tribes and move toward a national consensus to ban Pakistan’s interferences. “All appalling vacuums among tribesmen have to be filled if the government wants to cut the influence of Pakistan inside the system.”

“Distance in ideology between schools, universities, madrasas and peoples in urban and rural areas have to be curbed out to get rid of the deadly phenomenon of extremists,” he insisted.

He added that in foreign policy the government has to expand its relation with anti-terrorism countries in the region as well as in the world to pressurizing Pakistan.

He added that political officials have to think honestly about Afghanistan’s future like a real patriot and never betray their country by misusing their authority.

“High-ranking officials should always work hard for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, and pave no ground for stranger’s to even dare to do interference.”

Head of Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan, Rafiullah Niazi said that the government must address Afghan refugee issues and transit dependency to Pakistan.

“With finding solution to the above problems would surely cut off Pakistan’s hand from Afghanistan,” he added. “The government must use all means to attract global cooperation to stop Pakistan’s interference.”

Member of Rana Think Thank, Safiullah Molakhail said that Afghanistan needs an honest national leader to deal with current challenges. “The government has to have more rules in decision making than foreigners regarding any internal issues.”

He added that as a nation the Afghan people have to stop using Pakistani goods to be a slap in the face of Pakistan—who have been funding terrorism. Beside other steps, the government has to take a tit-for-tat policy against Pakistan.

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