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National Security Forces Day Marked in Kabul

“Our Security Forces Are Our Pride”

By Bilal Yousufi

KABUL: The Afghan officials and the people have unmitigatedly uttered their support and extolled the braver, professionalism, commitment, and resilient of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. All the praise has come on their day (National Security Forces Day) being marked on Saturday in Kabul and around the country as the security force keep fighting Taliban rebels and other terrorists.

They are not only in the frontlines against the regional and international terrorism, but also against narcotics and transnational criminal network. Without doubt, our nation’s men and women of the military forces have defended the country, making all out efforts to insure our freedom and upheld the beliefs and principles to uproot the militants in all of its manifestation once for all.

Indeed, the National Security Forces Day is the greatest day, and it’s a great honor to celebrate our real heroes who have been rendering huge sacrifices in the line of duty. Honoring their sacrifices the Afghan officials and the citizens celebrated their day with love in Kabul, the capital city and in different provinces.

The Afghan masses took out to the streets and gave flowers to members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) around the country. A large number of people also changed their profiles with the photos of security forces members to express their love and support from them.

Addressing a ceremony on the National Security Forces Day at the Ministry of Defense, President Ashraf Ghani termed them the protector and implementer of the “Constitution”.

“I am proud of you (ANDSF)”, President Ghani said.

According to him, the level of support that the Afghan security forces are obtaining is much higher at the moment than in the 140 years.

The Afghan security forces are carrying out over 90 percent of counter-terrorism operations, President Ghani said, adding “we are closer to stand on our own feet.”

Afghanistan is proud of its defense and security forces because they ensure the government’s existence, the President added.

“Today, the Afghan security forces have the capacity to protect and secure the country.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has congratulated the National Security Forces Day to the brave Afghan forces, terming them the real heroes who are defending the country.

Interior Minister Masoud Andarabi in a video clip has congratulated this day, saying “me and all leadership members of the security sectors are firmly supporting the (ANDSF) in their fight against the cruel enemy of Afghanistan.”

“No doubt that today’s relatively calmness is as a result of your combat and sacrifices,” Mr. Andarabi said referring to the Afghan Security Forces bravery and hardworking. 

Mr. Andarabai also praised the parents who sent their beloved sons and daughters to defend the country.           

USFOR-A Spokesman, Col Sonny Leggett tweeted; On the National Security Forces Day, we reflect upon the dedication, sacrifice and achievements of our Afghan friends, colleagues and partners in uniform. You are the guardians of Afghanistan and the driving force behind security and stability.”

Furthermore, the Deputy Defense Minister, Shah Mahmood Miakhil while congratulating the ANDSF day, said that the current year was a challenging year for the Afghan security forces. “It was due to Covid-19 pandemic, the ongoing peace talks and the escalation of war by the Taliban sides to take more privileges,” Mr. Miakhil added.

Despite all the challenges, the Afghan security forces have shined well and overcome all challenges successfully, he added.

I am proud of my son, the mother of a martyred army, Hamida said during the celebration ceremony. “I am proud of my son. He sacrificed his life in the line of duty to serve his country and to defend his people.”

Similarly, the Afghan citizens have congratulated this day to the Afghan security forces and termed them the real heroes of the country.

The Afghan security forces are fighting in the frontline against terrorists and insurgents in different parts of the country to protect the people and provide a peaceful atmosphere for the Afghans to live in, a Kabul resident, Mirwais said who gave a bunch of followers to a member of the Afghan security forces.

“We must not rely on the mere celebration of this day, it’s not enough at all, we, the Afghan civilians and the officials must strongly support our brave Afghan security forces because they are the real defender of our motherland,” Mirwais added.

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