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National youth strategy drafted

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The government drafted the ‘national strategy’ for the youth, an effort apparently to provide life facilities and job opportunities as well as to prevent the youth’s escape from the country.

Deputy culture minister Kamal Sadat who is in charge of the youth affairs hopes the strategy would change the youth’s personal and social lives.

“Lack of a national strategy has created many challenges for the youth,” Sadat said Sunday.

“Government administrations have no clear strategy for the youth and their efforts are not effective in improvement of the youth affairs.”

He said the five-year strategy would focus on employment, sports, healthcare, education and national solidarity.

“We hope that by implementation of the strategy, one million jobs would be created in the next five years.”

He claimed that the strategy would pave the ground for youth’s development, adding that the draft would be presented to the cabinet’s meeting next week for approval.

“The strategy will encourage donors to support the youth through the government,” he added.

Thousands of youth have left the country since 2014 due to insecurity and lack of job. Currently thousands of them are seeking jobs in the government.

Lack of a national youth strategy, existence of corruption and engagement of persons based on nepotism are the main factors for immigrations of youth to the European countries. According to figures, youth make up 66 percent of the population.

“We are working with ministry of interior to identify and arrest those smugglers who smuggle the youth to European countries,” Sadat highlighted.

Dr. Bannet, representative of the United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA) said that the UNFPA would continue supporting the action plan of the strategy.

“The strategy will clarify the way for donors to provide support youth and will pave the ground for investment over them.”

“I have studied NYS, it is a comprehensive strategy which includes employment, health, sport, education and peace and security is the important key issue,” he mentioned.

Deputy of youth affairs said that for implementation of the NYS it requires six million dollars and asked international donors to support the strategy.

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