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NATO, allies support Afghan peace process

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KABUL: Senior NATO member said that all partners of the alliance willing to see the current peace push to be succeeded, and they fully back the US push for peace and reconciliation in the war-hit country.

NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) Nicholas Kay says this during a live twitter interaction, where he answered many question.

The questions were merely about peace, foreign troop drawdown and other matters where Kay said the NATO’s train, advice and assistance mission was condition-based. “We and our partners would not stay in Afghanistan longer than needed.”

NATO continued to support Afghan forces, as they created the conditions for peace, he added.

He said disarmament, demobilization and reintegration should be a central part of the peace processes and the people of Afghanistan would decide about future security forces. 

“Germany is playing a key role in the framework of the Resolute Support Mission and is a leading nation in the north to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces,” he said, referring extension of German troops’ stay in Afghanistan for another year.

In regards to peace talks, the envoy said: “Peace doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that will require intra-Afghan talks and a multitude of voices to be heard. Troop levels depend on the outcome of negotiations.”

Sustainable peace required an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue involving all parties and NATO allies and partners stood ready to support Afghan civil society, he said.

“Any peace settlement must be built on the gains of the last 17 years.”

“My top priority is to support a sustainable peace settlement in 2019 so that Afghans can build a brighter future,” he said, adding continued interest in peace talks from both sides was positive in itself.

“Our goal is the same — to see sustainable peace in Afghanistan,” he concluded, putting intra-Afghan talks essential for lasting peace and political solution, and this should be taken place soon. He said the EU, the US and NATO have been working for peace in Afghanistan.

Moreover, he said that red line in terms of a peace settlement are for Afghans to decide. “NATO wants sustainable peace in Afghanistan so it is never again a safe haven for terrorists.

He furthered that peace negotiations will need in the end to happen between Afghans and the Taliban.

“Afghans have made clear their desire for a sustainable peace settlement. Stability in Afghanistan also means security for NATO allies and its partner.”

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