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NATO leaders reaffirm their commitment to Afghanistan

NATO Rep. Nicholas Kay calls for early Afghan election results

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KABUL: NATO Leaders have officially begun their two-day summit in London on Wednesday to mark 70th anniversary of the alliance, where reaffirmed their commitment to Afghanistan.

“We work to increase security for all.  We have strengthened partnerships in our neighborhood and beyond, deepening political dialogue, support, and engagement with partner countries and international organizations,” NATO said in a statement.

“We reaffirm our commitment to long-term security and stability in Afghanistan.  We are increasing our cooperation with the United Nations; there is unprecedented progress in NATO-EU cooperation.  We are committed to NATO’s Open Door policy, which strengthens the Alliance and has brought security to millions of Europeans,” the statement added.

Furthermore, NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative for Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay speaking to reporters ahead of the “Summit” has called for early announcement of presidential election result, in which accordion to him, is very much important to prevent Afghanistan from triggering into instability.

“I hope when the results announced, the political facets and all Afghans respect it,” he said, adding, “Every single Afghans that I have met hopes not to experience any kind of instability that they had experienced in the past.”

This comes as thousands of supporters of presidential hopeful, Abdullah Abdullah have staged widespread demonstration in capital and northern parts the country. The protestors have blocked the votes recounting centers in several provinces across the country. They accuse the IEC of fraudulent and corruption, demanding for nullifying of 300, 000 votes, which according to them, have been casted illegally.

Incumbent President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abudullah are the two top runners in the Afghanistan presidential polls. The election was held on September 28th but IEC has not been able to announce the results due to ongoing tensions between the candidates and commission. Some members of Abdullah’s electoral team have repeatedly accused the IEC of working in favor of a certain electoral team.  

But in part of his answer, Kay said that initial usage of biometric devices for the first time in Afghanistan presidential polls has pose the delay in the announcement of the results.

Kay urged the candidates and Afghan officials to observe the law as Afghans has dared to defend their democratic rights and take part in the election despite great security challenges.

US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has early said in a tweet that Afghans have put their life endangers to vote for their country’s future, thus they deserve a transparent election.

Moreover, in regards to the Afghan peace process, Mr. Kay said hoped that the peace talks between the US and the Taliban will resume and “reach a conclusion.”

He said that all Afghans desperately waiting for peace, and “praying that in 2020 we will see the progress that we want.”

Kay said, “To do that, the Taliban really have to be willing to make real compromises. There has to be real reductions of violence and commitment to even further reductions.”

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