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NATO not leaving Afghanistan until the job is done: Kay

Afghan and Coalition leadership attended a security shura today with security pillars in Ghazni province. Asadullah Khalid, Acting Minister of Defense, Sir Nicholas Kay, NATO Senior Civilian Representative, General Scott Miller, Resolute Support Commander, and Brigadier General Khoshal Sadat, Ministry of Interior Deputy Minister for Security, met with Provincial Governor Wahidullah Kalimzai.

In the meeting, Governor Kalimzai thanked the ANDSF for their sacrifice and professionalism.

“Overall, the situation is good, the enemy’s back is broken,” he said. “Unfortunately, the criminals harm and kill our people. But we are well coordinated across the security forces.”

Minister Khalid echoed those comments, saying, “we came here today to say the whole government is supporting you.”

Sir Kay came with a message from NATO, saying, “We are not leaving. We are not leaving until the job is done. If the Taliban think they can just wait us out, then they have miscalculated.”

General Miller was encouraged by the meeting of “Afghan security leaders addressing Afghan security challenges.”

“I congratulate this leadership team, they are committed, and they have the support of the coalition,” he said. “Lastly, my condolences for the losses you and your fellow Afghans have suffered in this fight for peace.”

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