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NATO to resume combat mission in Afghanistan

AT News Report-KABUL: The NATO troops will probably return to the battlefields in Afghanistan, as the NATO Secretary-General has said the organization would send more soldiers to the war-hit country to fight terrorism.

Meanwhile, Jens Stoltenberg recently said that the NATO soldiers should more focus on training and advising Afghan security forces so they could lonely conduct operations against terrorist groups.

But the officials in the Afghan defense ministry emphasize on the better training and arming Afghan troops, saying the Afghan security forces were able to defend their homeland if properly assisted by NATO.

“We have enough troops to fight enemy in different parts of the country. If they are properly armed and trained, they can defend their country,” said Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesman of defense ministry.

The NATO-led international coalition finished combat missions at the end of 2014 and started training and advising of the Afghan security forces.

Recently, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has blamed the US for failing to form a “useful” Afghan army.

The SIGAR has said that the Afghan army was in a failure position in spite of 70 billion dollars budget paid by the US.

“Afghan security and defense forces are being empowered day after day. But there are some regional threats that we need the NATO soldiers to return to the battlefield,” said Bari Aarez, a military analyst.

Right now, 14,000 US and other NATO soldiers are in Afghanistan, training the Afghan security forces. These troops sometimes, conduct airstrikes against the Taliban and Daesh militants.

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