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NATO to provide $390m for Afghan forces’ capability enhancement

AT-KABUL:  The NATO-led international coalition commits to provides $390 million for projects advancing the wellness and capabilities of the Afghan forces.

“NATO Afghan National Army Trust Fund Implementation Plan will fund more than 37 projects for critical sustainment of the Afghan Army, including salaries and incentive pay, infrastructure sustainment, logistic sustainment and more,” it said in a statement.

“This highlights the continued commitment of NATO Allies and Partners to support the financial sustainment of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces,” said Marion Aubry, spokesperson for the NATO Senior Civilian Representative.

“This also complements other efforts, including the sustainment of the Resolute Support mission throughout 2017.”

The statement added that funding also covers medical supplies and training, along with gender programs such as pediatrics and women’s wellness clinics. It also covers scholarship programs for women in the Afghan army, among others.

“The Afghan army shows a high level of readiness than previous years. As we move into the winter campaign, we will be focusing on transparency, leader development, collective training, the developing an operational readiness cycle, and the implementation of a system of accountability of their personnel and equipment,” said Maj. Gen. Richard G. Kaiser, commanding general of Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan during his address to the board members.

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