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NATO warns against ‘hasty’ Afghan withdrawal

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KABUL: The NATO expresses concerns over what it calls a “hasty” troop pullout of Afghanistan, calling it dangerous that could jeopardize the past two decade achievements.

NATO Chief Yens Stoltenberg, said Tuesday that the military organization was in a dilemma.

“If we remain in Afghanistan, we will encounter increasing violence in a critical situation. But if we leave Afghanistan, we will lose the achievements we gained in the past two decades in the country. This is also important that we should not let Afghanistan change to a safe haven for terrorists,” he said.

Stoltenberg said that Afghanistan had gained a historic opportunity, but added that that the ongoing talks on peace are delicate.

The Afghan and Taliban delegations are in Qatar now for 80 days to hold talks on peace, but people are still for an agreement on the ceasefire and lasting peace.

The NATO chief assured that their troop withdrawal would be done quickly once they get confident about agreements on the ceasefire and reduction of violence.

“The United States has recently said to reduce the number of its soldiers, but the NATO’s training mission will continue in Afghanistan.”

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