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NATO warns Taliban there is no going back to past

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KABUL: The NATO warns Taliban insurgents that there was no way back to two decades ago when the militants ruled Afghanistan, calling on them to join the government of Afghanistan.

Stefano Pontecorvo, the NATO’s senior civil representative in Afghanistan, on Sunday emphasized that the achievements gained by Afghans in the past 19 years, saying the international donors assess a possible peace agreement between Afghanistan and Taliban and would continue their support to the war-torn country if the peace deal was favorable.

“The peace in which achievements of the past two decades are maintained will be valuable. Women’s rights, minorities’ rights and generally the human rights and freedom of media are the only way to lead us to a lasting peace,” Pontecorvo said.

He urged that the NATO is supportive to freedom of speech and freedom of media in Afghanistan, threatening that they would not support a government that restricts freedom of media by any means.

He called the Afghan peace talks going on in Qatar as “real”, but admitted that violence in Afghanistan was in high level and is not acceptable.

The NATO representative called on the Taliban to built trust and decrease violence if they are truly concerned over the people of Afghanistan.

“The peace will be a hard process but it would much harder if there is not trust.”

Potencorvo said that the United States and NATO came together to Afghanistan and would leave together. “This is wrong to say that the US leaves here (Afghanistan) and NATO remains.”

“Asked on a potential reintegration of the Taliban in Afghanistan future governance arrangements, Amb. Pontecorvo highlighted that NATO stands ready to consider providing advice and support on the security sector reform if requested by the Afghan authorities.”

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