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NDS arrested six-member Haqqani-Daesh joint terror cell in Kabul

By M. Parwiz Arian

KABUL: Special Forces of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) during a special operation have arrested a six-member joint terror cell of the Daesh and Haqqani Network in Kabul, the intelligence agency said Tuesday.

The joint terror cell was responsible for targeted killings and the transportation of explosives to the terrorist cells in capital Kabul.

The group was involved in assassinations of several members of the security forces in different parts of the country. This terror cell was extorting money through kidnappings of the citizens.

“Based on the analysis of the National Directorate of Security; Taliban, Haqqani Network and Daesh groups are launching terrorist attacks in a tactical coordination with each other,” the NDS said in the statement.

The responsibility for most of the terrorist attacks which were carried out by Taliban and Haqqani Network, has been taken by anonymous sources of Daesh.

Targeted killings, which often came in the form of shootings and sticky bomb explosions against cars, nowadays become a favorite war tactic in urban areas for the Taliban and their supporting terrorist groups.

Besides government employees, they also target members of the civil society, rights activists, intellectuals and journalists.

Only on Tuesday, at least five civilians were killed and several others were injured in at least four target-killing attacks in Kabul city alone.

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