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“NDS-ISI deal officially provides window to Pakistan’s interference”

AT-KABUL:  The Hizb-i-Ensijam Milli Afghanistan—National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (NSPA)—on Friday said the memorandum of understanding (MoU) recently signed between the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Pakistani intelligence agency has officially provided window to Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan.

Pointing out to different corners of the info-sharing MoU and analyzing its several aspects, the NSPA said in a statement that according to the MoU, the opportunity has been given to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to implement its goals which it wanted to reach in Afghanistan. “One of the main parts of the MoU includes joint combat of the two spy agencies against ‘separatism’. It comes as there is no ‘separatist’ movement in Afghanistan; however, it is Pakistan that is faced with separatism challenge from the past. Therefore, joint fight against separatism finds meaning only in Pakistan. What will be the consideration of NDS from stepping towards joint war against separatism?” the NSPA asked.

According to the NSPA, another issue in this agreement is joint combat against spy agencies of enemy. This deal should have made it clear that what it wants to say by spy agencies of the enemy?

The analysis adds that Afghanistan is enemy with no spy agency and is not obliged to fight jointly against that spy agencies of enemy. If the agreement points out to intelligence agency of India then it is not justifiable that the NDS along with Pakistan fight against India’s RAW. India is strategic partner of Afghanistan and more than that, there is no rift between Kabul and New Delhi.

In the meantime the NSPA also hints at another part of the accord and says that it includes information sharing, sending of agents to the two countries, and paving the ground for Pakistanis to visit their inmates in Afghanistan’s prisons. Some of the issues unfortunately have already been implemented by ISI personnel, but the MoU officialized the issues and acts.

“The most  concerning issue for political elites in the country is pushing Afghanistan into the ground of India-Pakistan rivalry, and as well as facing Kabul with Pakistani separatists. On the other hand, the accord opens way for interference and dominance of Pakistan’s spy agency into the country’s intelligence agency,” the NSPA adds.

The NSPA concluded its analysis as following: Kabul-Islamabad ties have not reached the point that the two countries sign intelligence sharing deal. The National Unity Government leaders should realize that granting privilege to Islamabad and limiting the authority of Afghan security forces in fight against terrorism will lead to nothing but a worsening situation in this war-weary country.

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