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Negative rhetoric affects Afghans’ moral?


In the wake of the U.S. led NATO mission withdrawal from Afghanistan- while dire clashes has gripped many parts of the country- the U.S. and British embassy’s statement of warning of imminent worsening security situations- does not only undermine the credibility of Afghanistan but also grows tensions among the citizens of this war-torn country, who fears of an ambiguity and uncertain destiny as the Taliban ramp attack on urban areas.

The U.S. and British embassy in a statement on Saturday- that was followed with a similar statement by Swedish embassy- warn their citizens based in Kabul to immediately leave Afghanistan.

The statement faced different reactions by the Afghan social media users as many of them blames the U.S. for the ongoing chaos that plunged Afghanistan into crisis- with making an irresponsible exit- giving the Taliban an expected-legitimacy. At such a critical moment, as the Taliban are making rapid territorial gains nationwide, any step that can harm the moral of the people and cause worries among the citizens by any side or anyone is considered a rhetoric war- that poses negative speculation in the country. The Afghans are stuck between two forces who devoid compassion for their people; the government and Taliban- thousands of people have suffered casualties and financial damages in this relentless violence- originates from a legacy of war, which the U.S. left in Afghanistan. The number of people leaving the country has been intensified in the recent. The main reason for the displacement and fleeing the country is the high level of violence waged by the Taliban and the negative rhetoric of the foreigners regarding Afghanistan. These countries have already damaged Afghanistan through conducting an irresponsible withdrawal- without considering the deteriorated situation and interest of the Afghans. The Afghans would rather them to put a halt to their negative rhetoric and at least let these war-affected people to be live out of mental pressure driven from this senseless war.  

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