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Neighboring countries interfering in Afghanistan: MoI

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The security officials accuse neighboring countries for militarily interfering in Afghanistan, deteriorating the insecurity by extremist and radical activities.

“Neighboring countries instead of friendly relations, get military policy to make Afghanistan insecure through terrorist activities,” said Asadullah, an official at the interior ministry.

“Taliban is a strategic tool in the hands of one of our neighboring countries which launch terrorist and subversive activities against Afghan Security forces,” he said.

“The neighboring countries endeavor hard to suppress Afghanistan to achieve their political goals. But Afghan security force have high military moral against armed insurgent to stave off their dire plots,” he mentioned.

Brigade General for the national army Habiburahman Afzali said that tough security measures had been taken to prevent entrance of opposition in the Afghan Nation Army.

“To avoid extremists in the army line, we install biometric system in the defense ministry and provide a clear message about Islam for army by 400 religious scholars and our fighters know exactly the extremism ideology which is against Islam,” he said.

He pointed out that within 24 hours the Afghan National Army has 90 percent crackdowns across the country.

“Unfortunately Afghanistan suffer from lack of a single strategy for struggle against extremism and strengthening the community ties would be  an effective priority for struggle against violated  radicalism in the country,” said Edris Zaman, another official at the interior ministry.

“Extremism is a big taboo in Islam and is forbidden. Taliban want to misuse Islam and offer a wrong image of Islam through extremism ideology,” said Abdul Khabir Chiska, member of Ulema Council.

“The struggle of Afghan security forces against armed insurgents is right and those who lose their live are martyred,” he asserted.

A number of lawmakers in the session also emphasized over struggle against extremists and asked religious scholars, community and media to support Afghan security forces against radicalism ideology.

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